Here at House of Haylo, you will find Perth hairdressers and make-up artists that have as much heart and soul as they do hairdressing experience.

Our hair salon located in South Perth (along Mends Street) specialises in organic, low toxic hairdressing to bring out your natural features and colouring. Whether you are wondering “What hair colour suits me?” Or “What haircut will look best on me?” our expert hair colourists and stylists at House of Haylo will guide you to choosing the perfect hairstyle and colour for you. 

We love giving our clients the perfect balayage, blonde, beach waves or bridal hair and use only the best certified organic products and natural hair colour such as Kevin Murphy and Natulique to help you, your hair and the environment. 



It is important to know what is in the products you are using and the effect they have on your body. We have experienced first hand the effects of harsh chemicals in hair colour, shampoo and styling products and that is why we chose low toxic products that are as natural and organic as possible.



There is a process to getting your hair exactly the way you dreamed of it to be and it takes a highly trained, professional hairstylist to firstly look at your individual features, colouring, faceshape, your personality, style and lifestyle. Once we have consulted to find out your #hairgoals we will then explain the process, the maintenance, teach you how to achieve the result at home until the next time you visit.



Meet your new best friends! When you enter House of Haylo you will always find smiling faces that will greet you, friendly personalities and a group of girls that love coming to work and making their clients look and feel amazing!